Abdel Azeem Al Nadi Director of “Al Watanyah Real estate Group, Emirate of Sharjah

We believe that the customer service …is the secret behind our development


احصل على تحديثات في الوقت الفعلي مباشرة على جهازك ، اشترك الآن.

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Thanks to the vision and accumulated experiences of Businessman, Mohamed Ahmed Taryam

, which he gained through a long history of credibility and achievements for his distinguished family, “Al Watanyah Real Estate Group has become the best group in the domain of the real estate management. We believe that the secret behind that lies in our keenness to get the satisfaction of our clients and to be credible in all our services and businesses; making sure that our services meet the needs of our clients.

Thanks to these wise visions and policies, we are now taking pride in being the first company in Sharjah on a vast real estate management map covering the whole of Sharjah. In addition to that, the business of our group has evolved despite being established in record time to expand in the emirate of Dubai. Currently we are discussing the establishment of joint businesses with major investors in the GCC member states.

Day after day, we feel more grateful to our clients, who choose to continue cooperating with us. This helped “Al Watanyah Group to become a credible entity that provides the best advice on all residential units. This is in addition to our great history in offering the best real estate services which include the sequential and integrated maintenance and development services.

There is no doubt that what Al-Watanyah  Group has achieved within the few past years enhances our
capabilities to move forward stimulated by the positive visions and the accumulated expertise,and above all and with a grace from Allah, the right decisions  and wise visions of al-Watanyah Group’s administration, which sought to interpret the directives of the leadership of Sharjah, may Allah protect it, into a reality in terms of the business practices. The group will always continue its efforts to make Sharjah a decent destination for housing and residence.

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