Farmers’ Souq Initiative wins Global Business Excellence Awards

Dubai, August 25, 2022:

Dubai Municipality has secured the first place in the Global Business Excellence Awards for its Farmers’ Souq Initiative in the public parks in the Outstanding Community Initiative category.

The Farmers’ Souq Initiative, which offers a free agricultural, social and investment platform, provides necessary facilities to support local agricultural businesses and highlight the developments taking place in the UAE’s local agricultural sector.

The Farmers’ Souq Initiative also aims to increase trading opportunities for people working in this field by promoting customer confidence in local agriculture, spreading awareness on the diversity of the local agricultural diversity, and bringing local farmers together at one place to sell to sell agricultural, organic, and local products such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, organic products and honey, dates, and herbal products.

The Global Business Excellence Awards aim to honor the efforts of business excellence in various sectors, and Dubai Municipality’s winning of the award embodies the Municipality’s keenness to sustainably develop its services and always provide the best to community members, which is positively reflected in enhancing their happiness and satisfaction.

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