Pearson to highlight importance of upskilling at KSA HR Summit and Expo

Pearson will host a session with KSA’s HR community, industry leaders and corporate stakeholders, fostering a future-ready workforce that aligns with the ambitious goals of Vision 2030

14 June 2023

Pearson, the world’s leading company for language solutions that enable businesses to recruit, develop and retain the best talent, will highlight the critical need for corporate upskilling at the upcoming HR Summit & Expo (HRSE) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The two-day event, scheduled to take place on June 19 & 20, 2023, will bring together HR professionals, talent acquisition leaders, and managers from various industries across the region. Pearson will participate as a Learning Sponsor and share insights on the importance of continuous learning and the acquisition of future skills to successfully navigate the changing corporate landscape.

Pearson aims to support corporations in growing their workforce capabilities and will present their Corporate Language Learning Solutions at the HRSE event. This initiative provides solutions for talent acquisition leaders to accurately measure candidates’ suitability, company managers to support employees’ upward movement, and HR professionals to contribute to corporate initiatives. According to a McKinsey report, work experience accounts for 40 to 60 per cent of an individual’s overall human capital value in terms of knowledge, skills, and abilities that individuals possess. This implies that actively pursuing new skills can play a crucial role in advancing professional careers and increasing earning potential.

Saudi Arabia’s thriving economy, fueled by abundant resources and strategic positioning, has solidified its global standing as a top 20 economy. Vision 2030, the driving force behind the country’s economic transformation, focuses on diversifying the economy, increasing productivity, and empowering the private and third sectors. This aligns with Pearson’s goal of becoming the leading provider of language solutions for corporations that prioritise upskilling initiatives to propel their workforce to develop versatile skill sets. According to PwC’s Workplace report, more than half the respondents in Saudi Arabia (58%), believe their country has a specialised skills shortage. Nonetheless, respondents from the region showed higher confidence (47% compared to 40% globally) in their employers’ emphasis on upskilling.

Pearson’s offerings for the corporate sector, which will be at the forefront during the HR Summit & Expo, include:

  • MondlyWorks by Pearson – This immersive language learning platform for businesses equips employees with the essential language skills to effectively communicate with colleagues and customers. MondlyWorks supports corporations in enhancing their workforce’s language proficiency, leading to improved productivity, and strengthened business relationships.
  • Versant – Recognizing the importance of recruiting top talent, Pearson provides a comprehensive language assessment tool that accurately evaluates English communication skills in real business situations. One survey found that 63% of language learners report higher levels of engagement and enjoyment in the workplace. Versant assists organisations with identifying candidates with the necessary language proficiency to succeed in their roles, gaining a competitive edge in talent acquisition.

Mike Mayor, Senior Director, Global Scale of English and speaker at the Summit commented: “Employers in KSA and the region are recognizing that by acquiring future skills, organizations can cultivate an expert workforce that is well-equipped to navigate the challenges of the modern workplace. Studies suggest that 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development. We look forward to discussing the impact of upskilling on organizational success at HRSE.”

Ali Elsabban, Head of Corporate, MENAT commented: “Language learning in global business is a strategic enabler as it allows companies to recruit and develop employees, improve communication and collaboration, and ultimately enhance well-being and inclusivity. The HRSE is a great platform to present our comprehensive learning solutions that are tailored to each individual, fostering a continuous cycle of upskilling and achievement.”

Pearson continues to be a reliable and trusted partner for both government and private sector companies, offering language solutions that empower businesses to attract and develop high-quality talent, thereby driving business growth.

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