Swisslog to host webinar on frozen food automation and the global supply chain challenges

Dubai, UAE; 10 August 2022

Energy efficiency and a high degree of automation are key ingredients for success when it comes to deep-freeze logistics. The Middle East region has emerged as a prime location for growth of the frozen food market due to rising consumer demand.

Additionally, the demand for online orders is at an all-time high. To address special constraints in the cold chain management, i.e., food safety for perishable items and temperature sensitive products, and to meet the needs of today’s market consumption, companies need logistics and picking systems that combine deep-freeze capabilities and quick preparation of individual products and packages for delivery.

The consumers’ demand for a year-round supply of seasonal produce and ready-made meals, supported by high urbanization, remains the driving force behind innovation and sales in frozen food technologies. The UAE frozen foods market is projected to register a CAGR of 4.87% during the forecast period from 2022-2027.

On the other hand, skyrocketing energy prices and the pressing need for greater environmental sustainability mean reducing energy consumption in the frozen food supply chain has never been more urgent.

Swisslog, a leading global provider of automated intralogistics technologies and data-driven robotic solutions has announced its next webinar on Thursday, 1st September 2022 to educate companies on methods to tackle the biggest issues facing today’s global food supply chain with reliable, modular service concepts to increase efficiency through a better use of capacity in the chilled and deep-freeze food storage.

Additionally, participants can also learn how Green Logistics and other leading global logistics players have leveraged automation to supercharge the sustainability and efficiency of their frozen food warehouses.

In this webinar, participants will be able to discover the latest data and insights on –

  • Challenges facing the global food supply chain beyond the current crisis in Ukraine
  • Innovative solutions available for the frozen food supply chain
  • Green Logistics: How automation makes the difference for frozen food warehousing
  • How leading global logistics players have reduced energy consumption and increased efficiency

The webinar will be led by industry experts from Swisslog including Timo Landener, Swisslog Innovation Manager; Alessandro Brusatori, Swisslog Solution Design Expert for Deep Freeze Warehousing; Heinz Ennen, Head of Business Development, Swisslog EMEA; and Tim Mosier, Sales Director, Swisslog Americas.

With extensive experience in planning, implementation, modernization and service, Swisslog has worked with Spanish food producer Virto, UNIL – one of the premier food manufacturers in Norway, Saudi dairy company Almarai to name a few.

With best-in-class digital platforms such as WMS SynQ: the 3D visualizations gives brands continuous, end-to-end control over their products throughout intralogistics process.

Register here for the live and interactive webinar taking place on 1st September at 5pm GST:

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